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Last Time Olimar's Son had just escaped the Mushroom Pikmin, and was on the run. Now to continue from where we left off. When they had finally lost the Mushroom Pikmin Olimar's Son had decided they needed some more Bulbmin. He spotted 4 bulborbs and threw the parasite Pikmin at them. All of them were successful. Then he started looking for ship parts. All of the sudden he saw another inactive Onion. He touched it and it turned Orange. It stayed in midair for about 12 seconds. Then it popped out an orange Pikmin seed. He plucked the seed, and out came an orange Pikmin. Olimar's Son's Notes: "This Pikmin appears different from the others. It has a slightly bent leaf that seems to that seems to catch wind easily. It should be able to fly a short distance. One way to find out..." He threw the Pikmin in the air, and it started flapping it leaf and flying around. Then with the pellet posies around he managed to get a total of 20. Then the orange Pikmin found some nectar in the grass. The green Pikmin that sucked up the nectar had white flowers, yet the orange Pikmin had green flowers. Then all of the sudden the Pikmin started flying again except it used its flower as a propeller and was able to stay in midair much longer. It seems as the orange Pikmin matured to the next stage it increased their flying capabilities. Then they spotted a small hole leading underground. Then suddenly the ship went off "I detect 5 of my parts in that hole we must explore it." To be continued...
Pikmin 3 eps. 2 part 2. This is where the story gets a little more interesting. Hope you enjoy.
brawlmaster20 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
I wish there was green & orange pikmin.T_T
darthlink30 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008
it is getting interesting keep it up man.
Bowserrocks Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2008   Digital Artist
Thanks, but I'm kind of stuck on thinking of sublevels
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March 4, 2008
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