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Last time Olimar's Son had just got his notes for the green Pikmin. Ok now to continue from where we left off. "This apparently is a Pikmin, and also a new species. It has big eyes. It does not seem to have a purpose. I wonder what it does..." He threw the pikmin at a green pellet posy and knocked it over. Then he saw a picture demonstrating how to pluck the seeds and followed it. Suddenly a Dwarf Bulborb walked up. He threw a Pikmin at it and it ate it. Then something strange started happening to the Dwarf Bulborb. It sprouted a seed and became a Bulbmin. Olimar's Son grabbed the notepad and quickly started writing down new notes "Amazing this Pikmin successfully affected a Bulborb. This must be the Parasite Pikmin. Instead of naming it Green Pikmin I shall name it Parasite Pikmin." Then two parts were located on the ground. They were the autopilot and engine. Then the ship suddenly shouted out "Thank goodness, my main parts were located without the autopilot we would certainly crash again, and with the help of the engine. But unfortunately you do not have enough Pikmin to lift them. Please check the area for more seeds." He found more seeds and made enough to lift them it took twenty-five for each. The ship starts talking "Auto-Pilot: With this part returned we shall no longer have to worry about crashes. Engine: Hooray we can finally explore other areas for more parts." Then the ship started up again "I shall name this place Crash Landing since it was where we crashed. We need to leave the surface for the night before the nocturnal creatures come out." Olimar's Son's Journal: "Today I befriended a new green species of Pikmin  that can affect Bulborbs. The shipped has marked a new location called the Land of the Flying since most of it is above the clouds. We shall begin our exploration of it tommorrow."
Eps. 2
The next day came and then Olimar's Son got out 25 parasite Pikmin including the 1 bulbmin. Then he spotted a creature. He threw some of the Pikmin at it. Then it flipped them off and affected them with spores. The creature was a Puffstool it made the Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin. They started attacking Olimar's Son and he screamed "Why are these Pikmin attacking me!" Then the remainder of the Pikmin came to his aid and knocked some sense into the other Pikmin and they started running this was the beginning of a Boss fight and possibly a war between the Pikmin and the Mushroom Pikmin. To be continued...     
Here's Pikmin the Unmarked Species eps. 1 part 2 of 2 and eps. 2 part 1 of 3. Hope you enjoy.
GEKITOUNARUTO53 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2008
haha this is a good story
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